The journey to planet Adamo

A new world

Imagine a world in which we are surrounded by truly functional design.

Perhaps you envision impressive buildings, skyscrapers, your favorite car or telephone. Like on planet Earth.

True, such examples are real life showcases of our amazing technical capabilities and human potential. Yes, they are in most cases performing their intended function. But no, that is not what we meant.

Let’s envision a world in which we do not compromise our health and environment for the sake of function. A world where landscapes are designed in sensible ways; in harmony with nature and benefiting humanity. A world in which we care for our planet, its inhabitants and reinvest our production surplus in those goals.

A world with societies capable of having healthy relationships with their surroundings. That is the only world in which we can truly thrive, and survive.

To achieve this we need to act. When we act we are changing. And when we change it means we are transforming our culture.

This is the journey towards a planet and culture to fall in love with. A sustainable culture.


“Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance.”

| Toby Hemenway